About C-Project

The Coarse Project (C-Project) is a new development from Ben Field as well known lure-fishing store, The Art of Fishing. 

Since 2010 we've been selling fishing tackle across the World and have created various website features never before seen in online retail stores. Hopefully these will help our customers find the information and statistics about products that they really crave. To a degree, we're offering you the truth - especially with regards rods and reels. 

Ben's experience within match fishing extends back more than twenty years. When Southern Angler magazine was in existence, he  was crowned Southern Match Angler of the Year in 2005 (runner up '06) against a world class field. Numerous magazine features followed. 

A tackle tart and collector at heart, it was always inevitable that he'd end up working with fishing tackle. 

While our Wadebridge store is mostly lure orientated, and a lot of the products found online are only available ONLINE, the basics are all kept in-store for passing coarse and match anglers.