Gamakatsu Super G-Line 150m


The Super G-Line is a robust version of the popular pole-rig "Competition" line. Overall it's a higher quality line, well suited to hooklengths, pole rig bodies and even a reel line as in the case of this 150m option. Very versatile, reliable line!

As Super G-line Flex, also this is a great line made by high-polymer technology generated by an exquisite hybrid blend between co-polymer and special materials to enhance the abrasion resistance. This ultra strong line has a smooth surface and features reduced-kink, low-memory and less backlash characteristics. It is perfectly round and has a consistent diameter which reflects in the self stretching ability and in the superb strength to diameter capacity. Super G-line also features a UV-Cut filter that protects the line from UV-radiance for extreme durability.

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