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Altima Feeder 11' Medium

As soon as we opened this one up, "Porth rod" sprung to mind. Not for all-out distance, but if you w..

£139.99 £159.99

Altima Feeder 12' Medium

Great balance this one. Again, a lovely rod for places like our local Porth reservoir where you may ..

£149.99 £169.99

Altima Feeder 13' Medium

A beautiful long distance bream rod. Garbolino have blended the powerful butt with the soft tips so ..

£159.99 £179.99

Altima Match 11'6" Medium

I've always loved the shorter Garbolino match rods. They're different to others I've fished with in ..

£129.99 £139.99

Altima Match 13' Light

Finally, a  light action rod designed specifically as a proper silver fish tool. Right up my st..

£169.99 £179.99

Altima Match 13' Medium

Your all-round match rod. Happy with pretty much anything you chuck at it. I've seen them used as ha..

£169.99 £179.99

Altima Match 13' Power

Considering the power, these rods are very, very light. Perfect for dragging carp from far bank snag..

£169.99 £179.99

Altima Match 14' Light Medium

Wonderful long rods with a light, fast action. Designed for the rivers I would predict, but they act..

£169.99 £179.99

Altima Match 14' Power

Like the shorter 13' model, the Power models are great (especially in this longer length) for taking..

£179.99 £189.99

Altima Picker 10'

The Altima range was the standout rod range from The Big One show last year. For the money, side by ..

£119.99 £139.99

Altima Picker 11'

The Altima range was the standout rod range from The Big One show last year. For the money, side by ..

£129.99 £149.99

Altima Picker 9'

A magical rod. These 9' Pickers always feel absolutely superb. I've had massive bags of carp over th..

£109.99 £129.99

Ethos Pro Net & Accessory Bag Ethos Pro Net & Accessory Bag

A brilliantly designed, multi-functional carryall from Matrix. Two main compartments house accessori..

£44.99 £64.99

G-System Picker 10'

The G-System is a proper Garbolino rod. Much like a modernised version of some of their older rods t..

£119.99 £159.99

Large Carryall

I believe that the Rive luggage is similar to the Drennan, just higher denier material. Either way, ..

£49.99 £64.99

R-3000 Match High Speed R-3000 Match High Speed

This reel is perfect for use when float fishing. It has a high retrieve ratio and is perfect for wag..

£79.99 £117.99

Solid CTX Latex

Superb quality latex fluorescent elastic with excellent stretch and retraction properties. Hard wear..

£2.99 £3.99

Sphere Bomb 10'

The Sphere Bomb rod - the finest silverfish quivertip rod ever made? They've such a lovely light act..

£199.99 £249.99

Team Daiwa Quiver TDF116MQ-AU

A traditional style Daiwa feeder rod - what could be better? While initially fatter in the butt to l..

£119.99 £164.99

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