Porth Reservoir - Peg by Peg

Porth Reservoir is one of our most local waters. A big old reservoir that I first fished around 1992. I fished and won a lot of winter league matches on there since, but it's changed a lot over the years. Covering more than 40 acres, it's not a heavily fished water. Probably because of the potentially long walks. Matches on here are always very popular though since it provides such a change from the commercial fisheries of the day.

Porth responds well to all methods and any match could be won on the pole, feeder (close or long) and even the waggler. It's also a popular carp water with fish to over 30lb. 

While I'm writing this, it's almost time for the very first CRESTA FEEDER CHAMPS event, of which Porth provides 50% of the water (the other being Upper Tamar). This is a brilliant event where long and/or short range feeder tactics will decide the prizes. You can read details and get in touch here: https://www.thecoarseproject.co.uk/cresta-feeder-champs

That event - like many on here - will be split over four sections. Two on each side of the lake. 

Zone A: Pegs 15-25.

This is the "meadow" section. The shortest walk being on the car park bank and just through the lower numbered trees. There's some great fishing here on the right day. It can be hit or miss but has every potential of providing a lake winning bag, especially if the fish come close. The earlier pegs in the section will generally be the better bream pegs, but they could show up anywhere. The section gets very slightly shallower the further right you go, towards the higher numbers. You'll have anything from 15' down to 13' on the 30m feeder line. The pegs here are shallow, sandy gravel in the edge so a taking a platform can be worth it if you want to gain any distance from the bank. It shelves off slowly and you might only find 6' on an 11m pole line. Peg 15 isn't used in matches but I've included it below for pleasure anglers. Peg 26 is Pixie Point. It rarely gets fished in matches but was always a flier.

Target weight: Summer 20lb. Winter 10lb.

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Porth peg 15
Porth peg 16
Porth peg 17
Porth peg 18
Porth peg 19
Porth peg 20
Porth peg 21
Porth peg 22
Porth peg 23
Porth peg 24
Porth peg 25

Zone B: Pegs 31-40.

The thirties cover the shallower pegs on the car park bank. Great fishing during the warmer months but difficult come winter. You'll find that again, the water gets shallower the further down the section you go. You could start with 10' on peg 31 but only find nearer 6' or 7' by the time you make it to peg 40. Always a potential match winner in this section, but it perhaps doesn't fish quite as well as the opposite side in the 80's. Like the meadow section, the banks are shallow gravel and you will likely benefit from taking a platform.

Target weight: Summer 25lb. Winter 5lb.

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Porth peg 31
Porth peg 32
Porth peg 33
Porth peg 34
Porth peg 35
Porth peg 36
Porth peg 37
Porth peg 38
Porth peg 39
Porth peg 40

Zone C: Pegs 70-79.

The 70's can be a great draw. Especially the higher numbers. There's a big difference in depth between pegs 70 and 79 with the former reaching down to 16 feet or more on the feeder line. By the time you get down to peg 79 (the boat lands on 80) then you're looking at closer to 12'. The early section pegs can be great for a big feeder weight at the right time of year or in the right conditions. A great winter section too. I've had roach nets topping 20lb during our old winter league matches here. You shouldn't need a platform as not only is the water deeper close in but the pegs all have wooden staging too. 

Target weight: Summer 25lb. Winter 12lb.

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Porth peg 70
Porth peg 71
Porth peg 72
Porth peg 73
Porth peg 74
Porth peg 75
Porth peg 76
Porth peg 77
Porth peg 78
Porth peg 79
Porth peg 80

Zone D: Pegs 81-90.

The 80's provide some great fishing almost year-round. With 9' or 10' along most of the section, it's consistent and pretty fair (although the pegs further down the section can score in warmer weather). Pegs are generally wooden platforms but there are one or two where you may want to be in the water.

Target weight: Summer 25lb. Winter 10lb.

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Porth peg 81
Porth peg 82
Porth peg 83
Porth peg 84
Porth peg 85
Porth peg 86
Porth peg 87
Porth peg 88
Porth peg 89
Porth peg 90

Not only is the venue a fair end testing angling challenge, but it's just a great place to be too. Check out some more images I took below.

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